Pain Canada Brings Two Free Courses to Canadian Health Providers


Two new self-paced learning programs are now available free to Canadian health professionals through Pain Canada.

Pain Foundations is an online program designed to support health care providers to improve their assessment and treatment of people living with pain. The practical, compact course allows learners to develop clinically relevant approaches to chronic pain management and develop a strong grounding in pain science to support further exploration. The course consists of a newly revised and updated series of three “Basic” modules that collectively take about five hours in total to complete. It also includes a series of stand-alone “Advanced” modules that can be taken individually, after the basic series has been completed.

Pain Canada is also offering its Moving Through Pain course free of charge to health professionals. The self-paced online program takes approximately four hours to complete and equips learners with the practical knowledge and teaching resources they need to better support people living with pain to engage in gentle movement and relaxation as part of a supported self-management plan.

Both programs are intended for health care providers of all disciplines, including physicians, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and more. Funding for both programs is provided by the Government of Canada.

Learn more about Pain Foundations here and register free.

Learn more about Moving Through Pain and register free.