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Pain Canada and its partners offer a wide range of continuing education opportunities to increase skills and knowledge on pain assessment and management among health care providers of all disciplines, and other interested professionals such as teachers and coaches. These programs, courses, webinars, and resources are evidence-based, informed by people with lived experience and free to access.

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PAIN Reports (Journal)

The journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain - the open home of global research and emerging pain science.

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Moving Through Pain

Pain Canada's free, self-paced online program for health care providers who want to support people living with pain to move with more ease.

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BC ECHO for Chronic Pain

Gain improved competence in providing complex pain care through free monthly virtual learning and mentorship sessions led by an interdisciplinary team of pain specialists and other community health care providers. This program is free to access for health care providers in BC.

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Pain Foundations

Pain Canada's free online program designed to support health care providers to improve their assessment and treatment of people living with pain. This practical, compact course allows learners to develop clinically relevant approaches to chronic pain management and develop a strong grounding in pain science to support further exploration.

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Pain BC's webinar archive

View all of the recordings in Pain BC's back catalogue of interdisciplinary webinars for health care providers on the latest science, research and technology being utilized to better understand, treat and manage chronic pain.

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Pain self-management programs for community-based organizations or clinics

Do you run or work in a community-based organization such as a recovery house, a community centre or a primary care clinic? Do you want to offer accessible pain self-management programs for the people with pain you serve? Through Pain Canada, organizations across the country can get support to run Making Sense of Pain (MSOP), an evidence-based, low barrier, pain self-management program, in their own settings. The ten-week program runs in a group format, teaching the fundamentals of pain science as well as practical skills that enhance well-being while living with pain.

There are two ways to join Pain Canada as a delivery site for the MSOP program:

Apply for funding support and training through Pain Canada

If you would like to offer MSOP in your organization but need financial support to do so, you can apply to Pain Canada for a subsidy. Subsidies are expected to be available in summer of 2022 for training and delivery in the fall.

Your role as a delivery site is to:

  • provide a comfortable meeting space for the group
  • provide a facilitator (ideally a health care provider or person with some clinical background)
  • ensure the facilitator attends the MSOP facilitator training (a seven-hour online, self-paced program)
  • recruit participants for the program
  • provide refreshments and travel subsidies, if needed, for participants for each group session (funding provided through Pain Canada)
  • organize and facilitate each weekly session
  • participate in the program's evaluation

Pain Canada will provide all other required program materials.

Pain Canada-funded MSOP sites commit to running at least one more MSOP program cycle at your own cost after the initial funded program; once facilitators are trained, the costs for the program are minimal and limited to facilitator time, participant handbooks and other print materials, group refreshments and barrier-reducing supports like travel and childcare subsidies

Purchase training and program materials using your own resources

Organizations that have their own resources to pay for facilitator training, program materials, refreshments and travel and childcare-subsidies are encouraged to do so. Depending on the degree of consultative support needed to run the program, program costs range from $2,000 to $7,000.

Program materials covered by the fee include access to the self-directed facilitator training (a seven-hour online, self-paced program), and electronic files for participant handbooks, promotional materials and evaluation tools. The site is responsible for printing program materials.

If you would like to apply for financial support to be a MSOP delivery site or purchase the program for your clinic or organization, please contact us.

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