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Managing Pain Before and After Surgery: A course for people undergoing surgery

About Managing Pain Before and After Surgery: A course for people undergoing surgery

Pain after surgery is common and usually managed with medications. Evidence shows that learning about pain before their operation helps people undergoing surgery to set realistic expectations about pain, use prescribed medications safely, and improves their well-being and comfort.

Managing Pain Before and After Surgery is a free self-paced online program designed to help people undergoing surgery and their families better manage pain after surgery and decrease complications.

The brief course is made up of three modules. The first two modules are focused on pain after surgery and the third is designed for people experiencing chronic pain prior to their surgery.

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Professional pre-surgical pain education for health care providers

We also offer a concise, evidence-based course to support health care providers to build skills and knowledge about pain in the perioperative context. The free online course covers clinically relevant strategies for managing pain before and after surgery, with an emphasis on self- management strategies patients can use before and after surgery. Learn more.

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Course details:
Cost: Free
Format: Online
Duration: 30-45 min per module, self-paced
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